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Insulating glass production line maintenance manual


Cleaning part

1. The inside and outside of the equipment should be cleaned, all lubricating surfaces, such as guide rails, screw rods, polished rods, etc., should be free of oil, and all parts should not leak oil, water, air, or garbage.

2. Clean the dust on the photoelectric surface with a clean cloth

3. Clean the filter and the inside of the water tank of the washing machine

4. Remove the yellow nozzle inside the washing machine to clean the internal sludge.

5. The internal glass fragments and labels in the air-drying section are cleaned regularly by the washing machine.

6. Add glass water or detergent to the water tank and dilute it with water. Turn on the brush pump knob to clean the brush dirt regularly.

7. The surface of the plate pressure guide rail is clean and free of dust and foreign matter.

Lubrication part

1. The lubrication surface and lubrication points of the equipment should be refueled and changed on time. The oil quality meets the requirements. The oil pot, oil cup, and oil gun are complete.

2. The bearing base of the transmission wheel of the equipment is filled with grease regularly with a grease gun.

3. Lubricating oil is regularly applied to the transmission chain of the equipment.

4. Drain the water in the filter every day and add lubricating oil regularly.

5. The ball screw can be used with grease or lubricating oil. Generally, it is recommended to replenish the lubricant once every two or three months.

6. Add grease or lubricating oil to the slide block once every two or three months.

7. Replace the No. 46 hydraulic oil in the oil tank of the hydraulic station once a year. Unscrew the oil drain port at the bottom of the oil tank and add new hydraulic oil after all the hydraulic oil in the oil tank is drained.

The fastening part

1. Frequently check the parts of the equipment that need to be fastened and connected, and if they are loose, they should be tightened in time to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.

2. The nuts in each section of equipment are tightened regularly to ensure the normal and safe operation of the equipment.

Abnormal situation handling

1. The emergency stop button is effective under any circumstances. When an emergency occurs or an abnormal situation occurs during work, the emergency stop will terminate the current work. When the touch screen displays an alarm, press the emergency stop for 3 seconds and then reset to clear the alarm.

2. When the weather is cold (the temperature is below 0 degrees), pay attention to the antifreeze when the machine is in use. When the washing machine pump and water pipe are off work, all the water in the pump, water pipe and water tank should be cleaned to prevent freezing and cracking of the water pump elbow and water pipe. Before starting work in the morning, check whether the water pump is working properly. Turn on the water in the water heating preheating tank half an hour before work.

3. When the equipment fails and the glass is damaged, first stop the equipment and take pictures, then clean up the glass slag (focus on checking the conveyor chain, whether there is glass slag between the belt and the tensioner), and clean it up Turn on the emergency stop and restart the automatic production after solving the fault.

4. When a servo alarm appears on the equipment screen, go to the back control cabinet and write down the servo alarm code and contact the after-sales personnel to solve it.

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