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According to the requirements of the company's overall development strategy, establish a standardized management mode, and realize effectively supervision. Our company has established a quality inspection department, equipped with necessary product testing equipment and tools, and strictly controls every part of the product. Realize the whole process quality management of products.

The company has made the following regulations for the inspection system of finished products and semi-finished products.

1) All employees are required to firmly establish the idea of "quality first" and earnestly achieve the three nos (that is, unqualified raw materials will not be put into production, unqualified semi-finished products will not be transferred to the next process, and unqualified products will not leave the company).

2) Strictly follow the production task list and technical process for processing and inspection. Do not change the production task list and processing technology without authorization. If you need to change it, you must get the consent of the technical department and the production department.

3) The quality of the product is "produced, not checked." All employees are required to be responsible for the finished products and semi-finished products they produce and process. Once the products are unqualified, they must lose working hours and costs after passing the repair.

4) The quality inspection department shall not arbitrarily raise or lower the acceptance standard.

5) The quality inspection department cooperates with the director of the production department to inspect the finished product and debug and test the product, and the company can only leave the company once test is correct.

The master of the quality inspection department strictly controls the product.

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