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At present, new glass technologies are developing in the five major fields of energy, materials, environmental protection, information, and biology. In terms of materials, it mainly refers to the development of the production of glass original sheets in four directions: large sheets, thin sheets, original sheets, and white sheets. In terms of research and development of new technologies, the surface and internal improvement of glass products are used to make them more powerful, energy-saving, heat-insulating, fire-proof, safety, sound insulation, environmental protection and other excellent functions.

As insulating glass sealant has great pollution to the environment, our company is adopting a new process to independently develop and produce a fully automatic tape sealing machine, which can replace the sealing of silicone rubber, not only reducing chemical products such as silicone rubber or polysulfide glue The use of it makes it more environmentally friendly, and the sealing effect of insulating glass is much better than that of sealant.

I wish our company's equipment research and development a complete success, so as to make a significant contribution to the field of glass technology in our country.

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